From the desk of Phillip Boniface – Co-Chairman & Treasurer AITTC

Another year comes to end with travel slowly and steadily emerging from the post Covid period that brought travelling to a literal standstill. The downtime has given thought to food to realize the shortfalls and to put in new plans for the future. It is good to once again see the planes, ships in the oceans and rivers, hotels and motels opening up, and trains and automobiles moving at the same time.

Domestic tourism in each country has made people realize there is so much to see, do and enjoy in their own backyards and make the most of it.

The gurus predict that 2023 will take travel and tourism from boom to gloom to resurrection. Steady growth in forward bookings is looking positive, with anticipation that prices will make it affordable to get back to normal standards, without compromising on quality and service. There will be new innovative trends, and new initiatives with a wide range of products in the market, so travel will see a big change. Travelers will need to research, adapt, experience, be open-minded and tread with cautious footsteps. Suppliers and principals will once again and even more need to provide security and create a guarantee of service, resulting in consumer confidence moving forward. Promotional awareness and exposure with respect to opening boundaries of all forms of travel. Tourism bodies will need to treat and give this sector priority and recognise that tourism is a major financial contributor and offer incentives for success.

At AITTC we have continued to work behind the scenes – researching. having dialogues, holding webinars, publishing our newsletter and informing our readers on updates of the industry, interacting with government and tourism bodies, getting new members, and maintaining awareness that we have always been there.

Our recent participation in the Australia India Business Summit, holding a travel and tourism session was highly attended. It was good to once interact with industry colleagues and others. The podium had top tour operators from Wildlife Safaris, Adventure World, Tikka Tours and Taj Hotels giving their views on the status of their products and the way to the future.

AITTC appreciated the continued support of our industry partners for participating in our various events. AITTC looks forward to hosting more events with our partners in the coming year, so watch this space.

A word of thanks to the AITTC Executive Committee for their input.

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