Kerala Seven Night Cruise

keralaDelhi based Far Horizons recently launched seven nights cruise through the Backwaters in the state of Kerala. This longer cruise has become possible as the locks separating salt from fresh-water has been modified to allow for the sailing of larger boats.

Due to this great development the only nine cabin canal cruise boat in Kerala RV Vaikundam, which is capable of sailing through even narrow canals, will start a seven nights cruise program from Kochi till Alleppey!

Sailing through the emerald waters of the palm tree-lined Backwaters combining lagoons, lakes, rivers, and canals, it is so aptly described by National Geographic as the Green Venice of the East!

In many places, sailing will be almost twenty feet above the surrounding paddy fields where the canals are held together by dyke. In some places, you sail through large lakes and then into narrow canals where the boat just fits in.

Then there are places where separation from the Arabian Sea by a narrow beach! Not to forget the spectacularly orange sunsets over the waters making the waters awash with bright colors!

Journey includes visit to temples, churches, market places, brass makers, coir makers, martial arts centers from where Karate was born. Cycle through sleepy villages and canoe through tiny canals along with houses, boat safari through a bird sanctuary, visit a traditional wooden boat building yard and see how the famous Kettuvallum is made with the stitching of the wooden planks with coir rope to build boats without using a nail and experience the ancient science of Ayurveda!

This is Far Horizon’s new creation after the successful launch of their successful MV Maha-baahu on the Brahmaputra River

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