Maths Tour to India

f039f12b-9558-41d3-abd8-98bcb3a9737bRecently 59 Students with 4 teachers and 2 parents visited India – the land of Mathematics – the land which gave the world the concept of zero – for 8 days on what’s titled as a Maths Tour. During this journey, students rediscover secrets of Indian ancestors who built mega buildings with precision without any Hi-Tech instruments with precision.

Tour highlight was visiting village Sihali (day excursions from Delhi), where they were warmly welcomed by students and teachers of St. Mary’s Gajurala School and a cultural program was organised (dance, song and ice-breaking activities, followed with few Vedic maths technics). Students were welcomed at a farmhouse in Sihali, where they played cricket, badminton, and local village games with local kids. They were taught shapes and 3D by Ms. Fozia Qazi with the help of village potter as he demonstrated pottery making to the group. Group also enjoyed bullock cart in the village and danced with local folk dancers. Group also discussed with local students climate change.

A playful method was created for students through simple games which today has found an important place as ‘game theory’ in higher studies. Idea was to draw on the strengths of each student in problem solving and exploring different pathways to solve particular problems.

This tour was planned by Secrets of India ( – an expert inbound tour operator.

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