People Focus: Brent Anderson, Regional General Manager (South & South East Asia) Tourism Australia

people-focusBrent Anderson is Tourism Australia’s Regional General Manager, South & South East Asia including India. His team is responsible for the marketing of Australia in a diverse set of source markets throughout the region, focused upon deriving economic benefits for Australia from inbound tourism.

Brent has over 20 years’ experience promoting Australia to international visitors with a key focus upon developing partnerships with tourism and non-tourism global organisations. With a strong track record of achieving commercial objectives within a governmental organisation, Brent has worked with and learnt from some of the best marketers in Australia and Asia to deliver significant advantage for the Australian tourism industry

The South & South East Asia team is one of the most culturally diverse teams within Tourism Australia. Brent is humbled by the dedication to, and love of, Australia’s tourism offering from his team, a fact that motivates and humbles him constantly.

Having lived and travelled for over 10 years in South and South East Asia, he is a passionate ambassador for the potential of the region to deliver growth for Australia’s tourism industry

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