Top travel trends and curiosities of the Indian traveler for 2023

The KAYAK research recently conducted by YouGov, surveyed over 1,900 Indian travelers, and found that travel restrictions resulting from the pandemic have contributed to the current surge in travel appetite, with three-quarters (78%) of respondents being excited to go back travelling in 2023. Exploring the world (62%) was mentioned as the main reason for the regained Indian travel desire, followed by living their dreams (61%), seeking thrills (55%), finding themselves (48%) and escaping their worries (43%).

60% of those surveyed consider themselves curious travelers. Curiosity also makes for more enriching experiences, as 75% of respondents also quenched their curiosity by usually exploring new and offbeat destinations.  73% mentioned that they discovered new food experiences when travelling, and 70% met new people and made friends from different cultures during previous trips.

With travel topping the 2023 to-do lists for a majority of Indian travelers surveyed, 77% have noticed more people posting their holiday pictures on social media in the past 12 months. Interestingly, ‘me time’ is becoming a consideration for Indian travelers, with 38% saying they prefer to travel alone rather than in a group in 2023. Greater control, freedom, and flexibility in planning holiday itineraries could be major factors that drive solo trips.

The survey reports that costs and sustainability are a key consideration for Indian travelers

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